Meg Savage Personal Trainer

Become Fitter. Stronger. Healthier. Happier.

What I do

Help women build their confidence with fitness.

I work with women who are looking to get back to fitness after life, families and careers have taken priority. Taking a holistic approach using weight training as well as cardio conditioning, working to set realistic nutrition goals while programming to work with women’s cycles.

I love helping women build their confidence with fitness. So often we prioritise everything and everybody else and somewhere along the line our own needs get forgotten. I want to help you change that. I want to help you find you again; regain some much needed ‘me-time’, build your body and life confidence and show you how strong you can be.

In Person Personal Training

Based out of Cyon Fitness, located just outside Wetherby, come and join me for Personaly Training.

Online Personal Training

Working with you, your needs and available equipment, I will design a progressive programme specific for you.